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Check out this great article about my showcase Aquatique.

An artist first and foremost, I am in love with photography. I have been living life through the through a lens for more than 15 years, beautifully documenting the most important moments in my customers lives, not to mention gathering quite a few memories on my own very colorful journey. Whether it’s a bride’s special day, a child’s curious expression, a newborn’s laugh, or that special glow of a Mom-to-be, I capture the moment with a unique perspective, and artistic style.


IMG_74131I distinctly remember the first time my father handed me his camera. Shortly after that, I was given a little 110 film camera (remember those?) and my love of photography flourished. Over the years, my love of all things creative grew and grew, from every-day craft projects, to painting and even sewing. In 1999 fresh out of an html class, I took off to the East Coast and started working in the dot com field. It was then that I

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I’ve been a featured artist on Artsy.com

learned how much I enjoyed coming up with new ways to showcase a individual or business personality through my photography, graphic design and web design. Watching a clients face light up when I handed over the finished product was and still is the greatest reward. Another perk of freelancing, is that I get to work on a different project every day. Whether I am photographing a new mommy, designing a web page, consulting with a business about art for their space, or designing a print ad, I love what I do!”

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.10.30 AMI take pride in my work and my ability to read between the lines when working with a client. I love hearing things like “How did you know that’s what I was thinking?” or “That’s me in the photograph? I look amazing!”




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