PriceList2017Hi-res digital files are available once a minimum order of $400 is met. I do this for several reasons, the 2 most important are first so that I can monitor the quality of the prints and make sure the end product looks exactly as the original files. My second reason is that my session and print prices are very affordable. I want your images to look amazing 10 years from now on your wall, so that you can look back on the memories of your gorgeous family for years to come because the quality will stand the test of time. I hope that all makes sense!

I recently ran an experiment with all of the major printing companies (Shutterfly, Target, Walgreens, Costco, etc) and was very disappointed by the quality of the images.  Because of this,  I no longer send out CD’s of the images for printing.  However, I know how important it is to share your images with friends and family on social media sites, so I will provide a CD option of low resolution jpg files for laptops, PC’s, Macs, smart phones for $50 after a minimum print order is met. Please be aware that these files are not print quality.

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